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Smart Gas Atomization Systems

韓國公司 自行研發 智慧噴霧粉末製造系統 與 金屬粉末 簡介 :


Electrode Induction Melting Inert Gas Atomization


Vacuum Induction Melting Inert Gas Atomization


Water-Assisted Induction Melting Gas Atomization


Hybrid Induction Melting Inert Gas Atomization

可依據不同產業需求, 生產高純度, 高品質, 低成本(製造良率高), 真圓度高的球形金屬粉末 常規供應種類如下 :

Metal Powder

High-Purity Spherical alloy Pure Metal Powders

Powders for medical application (Ti, Co-based , STS. Etc..)

Brazing soldering powders (Ni-Cu-Ti-Ag-Sn-based etc..)

Thermal / Plasma / HVOF spray powders (W-, Co-, Fe-, Ni-based etc)

Magnetic Powders (Fe-, Co-based, etc..)

Functional powders (HEAs, amorphous alloys, hard-facing. etc)

Powders for aerospace applications (Cu-, Al-, Ti-based , INCONEL, etc..)

Superalloy powders (Ni-, Nb-, Co-, Fe-based , etc..)

3D Printing powders (INCONEL 625, 718, 738, Cu, CuZrCr, Mo, MoTi, CuCrNb, etc..)

Customization available  


Metal 3D Printing

Total solutions for Metal 3D printing

Direct energy deposition (DED) equipment

Materials design and development

Metal Powders

Pre-processing services (structural analysis, tool path design 3D scanning...etc)

Additive manufacturing services

(parts, ASTM standard samples, repairing)

Post-processing services (HIP, heat treatment , machining, surface treatment)

Adcaned Alloy

Advanced Alloys and Alloy Ribbons


Superalloys (Ni-,Co-,Fe-, Nb-based, etc)

Functional alloys (high entropy alloys (HEAs) , amorphous alloys, etc)

High purity alloys & pure metals (Ti, Zr,Mo,etc)

ASTM standard samples(tensile , creep testing , etc)

Customization available as needed


PVD Coating / Target

Multi-Functional Coating /

Multi-Component Alloy Targets


Colored alloy targets (Silver, pink, gold, yellow gold, platinum, dark blue, etc)

Low friction & wear-resistant coating targets (ZCS, etc)

Hard coating for tools / molds (TiAlCr, AlCr, etc)

Target for advanced display devices

(planar & cylindrical rotary Mo,MoTi targets. etc)

Precious metal targets (Ag, Pt, Au..etc)

Ceramic targets (Y2O3, YSZ, Gete, etc..)

Customization available

若對上述金屬粉末有興趣, 請洽敝司業務部 02-8698-2168 #103 陳小姐, #116 賀先生

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